Porg Firefighter Sticker
Porg Firefighter Sticker
Porg Firefighter Sticker

Porg Firefighter Sticker

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Porgs were a species of non-sentient birds from the Star Wars universe. They were stocky in nature, with two short wings, flat, beakless faces, and two webbed feet. They could also run quite swiftly on the ground and were good at maneuvering into small spaces. I might know one or two Porgs on the job in my area.

Weather resistant and excellent on water bottles, laptops, cars, helmets, etc... 

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The quality of the workmanship is great— I became a Scott technician in 1989 . I am very impressed with the style of the design,it looks like an airpac bottle. I just bought another 2 for brother firefighters.One that just got promoted to captain. Thank you.

Craig C.

I got these for a co-worker who's also a volunteer firefighter, to put on his hardhat at work. He was thoroughly impressed with them. They're the perfect size and it helps that they're waterproof, since we're hydro-blasters. Really cool items!




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