Notorious Fire Selfie

This all started as an excuse to make a few of my silly drawings into stickers for that I could share. That turned into an Etsy shop which turned into over 50 designs that now has turned into this. I'm a full-time firefighter with an amazingly supportive wife and a mini-me who means the world to me. This is just a side-hustle so I could spend more time raising my kiddo and less time away working a part time job.

My customers and fans are an amazing group of people and I can't thank you enough for the support you've shown and kind words you've shared over the years. I have loads of new stuff in the works and a lot of it has been requested by you, so thank you. Without your encouragement, I would have quit a long time ago.

Despite being a side-hustle, I truly have a passion for art. I have a bachelor's degree in fine art and you can often find me all over New England selling my fine art, non-firefighter-themed, charcoal drawings at art shows, comic book conventions and craft fairs.

Thank you again and stay safe.

Lenwood Brown III

Let me introduce you to the real rockstars at Notorious Fire Co.

Unofficially, Ken came to Notorious Fire Co when we were a low volume Etsy shop. A couple of sticker designs really took off and he jumped to help keep things rolling. A short while later he officially became part of the team driving out to FDIC for our first time. Since then he has headed up our shipping tasks and absolutely is crushing it. Without him, orders would take a lot longer than a couple of days to get out the door.
Fun facts:
Ken’s knife hand is VERY sharp. He also loves bunnies.

Nate joined the team for our first FDIC and despite absolute chaos in a stuffy 90+ degree convention hall for three days while we set up, he never left. He handles production when we get slammed and as long as you don’t mention that 3 foot putt for par he missed, life at the shop is good. Nate’s laid back vibe keeps the shop running smooth and steady.
Fun facts:
Nate’s wife is a world karate champion and sometimes she lets him play golf.

When things got crazy busy during the 2022 holiday season, my girl Ashley came to the rescue. Her ridiculous sense of humor and dance moves always make me smile. Without her, y’all would still be waiting to get your Christmas orders. We couldn’t be more excited to have her as part of the team.
Fun facts:
Once, while returning from a hospital transport, Ashley rescued a dog wandering around in busy traffic. She was thanked by the dog trying to bite her nose off which required us to turn around and go back to the hospital again.