Mongo Sticker
Mongo Sticker
Mongo Sticker

Mongo Sticker

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 There's a "Mongo" in every house and he/she is ready to thump at a moment's notice. There is no finesse here. He/she is a forcible entry expert when provided no tools... They are the tool. "Mongo! Door!" And within a second, you have gained access. "Mongo! I need water!" And magically 400ft of 4-inch gets hand-jacked up hill and water coming in under a minute. Love your Mongo and he/she will love you back 10x.

Weather resistant, laminated sticker excellent on water bottles, laptops, cars, helmets, etc...

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Awesome tumblers! Great quality, perfect size! The crew and ff friends loved them!!


So happy with the purchase. Everything as expected. Quick delivery, great communication




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