"The Swamp" Logo Design

I’m gonna be honest and real for a minute here... I rarely, like almost never, take on logo work. Before becoming a full time firefighter I worked as a web/graphic designer. I was laid off because the marketing agency I was with basically closed up shop during the recession. I was forced to make ends@meet by doing all sorts of freelance work including logo design. It was a bad experience. I think I’m terrible at logo design and I’ve literally referred, and I am referring you if you need something, dozens and dozens of people to @tenthreegfx because that dude is good. Like, REALLY good.

Buuttttt for some reason @nickpeppard trusted me and I sorta wanted to see if I had any skills left. So we made this. I think it came out okay. Essentially what I’m saying is this... sometimes we all get lucky. Sometimes we shouldn’t be so critical and down on ourselves. We should never be afraid to refer and give shoutouts to the person or people doing similar things as well or better than us. And really, we should take risks, challenge ourselves and be uncomfortable.

Big, scary, challenging things are on the horizon. March is only a few weeks away. Time to get back to work... 

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