Spring update

Happy Spring y'all! I've been kinda laying low the last six weeks or so I wanted to shoot an update of what's been happening. I've really been getting used to the website's backend and trying to learn how to use the day-to-day tools. I'm still wicked-excited to have the website and can't wait to dig deeper into what it offers me.

I sent a poll out to Instagram to gather a little data. I wanted to know if people generally wanted new products to get posted and become available as I complete things or just on a monthly update schedule. The overwhelming majority wanted things as they were completed.

Armed with info, I posted three new stickers, one of which was a new pin up. In the coming days I'll have some new t-shirts and hoodies as well as a new Deadpool embroidered patch black polo. I'm playing with the idea of getting some of my designs onto bottle openers and some other fun swag. 

#DannyWouldGo stickers are all gone. With your help I'll be donating over $25k to the Gold Shield Foundation of Metro Atlanta per Captain Dany Dwyer's request. https://goldshieldfoundation.org/# Thank you so much for making it a successful campaign.

As always, thank you so much for the support. I truly appreciate it. Stay safe.

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