How Did I Get Here?

Back in 2016 my New Years resolution was to draw a cartoon portrait like these everyday for a year. I think I managed to squeak out 300 of them before I moved on. From these drawings came the art for the first 30+ stickers I made the following year and really, the how and why to this whole side-hustle. Maybe a third of these drawings sucked, I mean really SUCKED. It was a new style, new kind of markers and crappy paper but the daily discipline taught me how to analyze faces to get likenesses in my cartoon style. Which, oh yeah btw, I didn’t really have a style. I owe everything to this little project.

Because of this I've gained the confidence to say YES and actually deliver dozens of digital and original cartoon caricatures of people both in the fire service and out. Shoot me a message if you're interested.

The moral of the story: Never underestimate repetition, discipline and patience to get you where you’re going.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

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