Gilson Snowboard Design Collab

I don’t brag much, in fact I’m really bad at promoting my art. But for all you firefighters that like to slide down hills standing up, please consider getting this collab I did with @gilsonsnow

The shield on the topside is totally customizable for you to add numbers and names or whatever. Each board is handmade to order in the USA by their incredible staff. The wood grain isn’t printed, it’s legit and sooo cool. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

I hand drew and inked everything then digitized it all and added colors. There's a little Photoshop magic with some of the black textures on the topside but otherwise it's all done by hand.

Back in the fall, through the magic of the interwebz, one of their amazing staff reached out and asked me to do art for a firefighter themed board. It was a huge challenge and truly a collab with Gilson and no shortage of guidance from @tylergaudette . (Thanks T) Gilson has a lot of love for artists and I’m seriously honored to be part of the family.

I did a thing!

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