#DannyWouldGo Charity Sticker

I’ve been fortunate to have several officers that have always been solid and up front with us... if we make a decision no matter what, if we do the right thing, they have our backs. This is one of those situations. It’s unfortunate the Chief of the Atlanta Fire Department has chosen to go this way.

These are 3-inch glossy, vinyl stickers that are up in my shop for $5 each. 100% of the profits will be donated to Capt. Dwyer’s Family or a charity of his choice.

If you don’t like my design, please consider getting the design from our brothers on Instagram at @squadorbust

I was able to reach out to President Gerdis of the Atlanta Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 134 and was asked, per Captain Dwyer’s request, to donate the profits received from the #DannyWouldGo sticker to the Gold Shield Foundation of Metro Atlanta. The response has been off the chart and these will start shipping early next week. Fortunately I have amazing friends and family who have offered to help with the logistics of packing and shipping thousands of stickers as quickly as possible so we can all show our support for Captain Dwyer.

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