2022 Donation to the American Cancer Society

Breast cancer awareness sticker

On January 4, 2023, the Notorious Fire Co. made a donation of $400 to the American Cancer Society. The money was collected from sticker sales during 2022. This contribution will go towards supporting the society's mission of saving lives, celebrating lives, and leading the fight for a world without cancer.

The American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. They do this through research, education, advocacy, and service. The organization is known for their support of cancer patients and their families, as well as their efforts to raise awareness about cancer prevention and early detection.

The Notorious Fire Co. has a history of supporting charitable causes and giving back to the fire community. This donation to the American Cancer Society is just one example of their commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

The $400 donation will be put to good use, as it will help fund cancer research, provide support for cancer patients and their families, and raise awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention. Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against cancer and work towards a future without this devastating disease.

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